To Rise above the Storm… is to Find that Perfect Peace

Worthy thoughts – thank you, Elizabeth!

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A few days ago I left someone to the airport, where she was to fly off to Northern Italy to start a new job. Her flight had been changed at the last minute to an earlier day, which was perhaps just as well as the very next day a fierce storm blew up here in Ireland, causing mayhem and cancelled flights. And I have been going through another type of storm in my life, which involved being a support to someone else for long hours in an oncology unit….

On the morning of the storm I looked out to see a fallen tree near the entrance to our home. Traffic on the little country road can be heavy enough sometimes and drivers daunted by the tree in their path, kept reversing into our driveway and turning around to take an alternative route. Just one storm can cost lives, devastation to…

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A String of Pearls

Intriguing and wonderful thought. Thank you, Maureen!

Still They Speak

“The parts [of the Bible] are so linked together that the absence of any one book would introduce confusion and disorder. The same doctrine is taught from beginning to end, running like a golden thread through the whole and stringing book after book upon itself like so many pearls. Each book, indeed, adds something in clearness, definition, or even increment, to what the others proclaim; but the development is orderly and constantly progressive. One step leads naturally to the next; the pearls are certainly chosen in the order of stringing.” –B.B. Warfield “Works of” Vol 1 p. 437

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Sought Out!

Worthy thoughts, comforting thoughts! Thank you, Paul!

Revival & Reformation

1280px-Navy_binoculars.jpg(Charles Spurgeon)

“You shall be called: Sought out!” Isaiah 62:12

The surpassing grace of God is seen very clearly, in that He has sought out His chosen people.

Glory be to infinite love and unconquerable grace–we were sought out! No gloom could hide us, no filthiness could conceal us! We were sought out, found and brought home.

The lives of some of God’s people, if they could be written, would fill us with holy astonishment.

Marvelous and wondrous are the ways that God uses to find His own people. Blessed be His name, He never relinquishes the search, until His chosen ones are effectually sought out and brought home.

Christians are not a people sought today–and cast away tomorrow. Almightiness and wisdom combined, will make no failures. They shall be called “Sought out!”

That any should be sought out is matchless grace–but that we should be sought…

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Trials Greatly Enlarge the Soul

There is good comfort here. Thank you, Maureen!

Still They Speak

“Trials greatly enlarge the soul. Thus I do not want, in my better mind, to escape great trials, since they involve great graces. If my strength shall be as my days (Deut. 33:25), then let my days be long and dark, for my strength will be mighty, God will be glorified, and I will be blessed. I earnestly urge every tested Christian to dwell on this truth, for it may be a great comfort.

There is love, immortal and unchanging love, in heaven toward you, which will never grow cold. You will be helped. God would sooner cease to be than cease to be faithful. Be of good courage, for today He will strengthen your heart.” –Charles H. Spurgeon “Besides Still Waters” p. 19

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Monday School: Psalm 92

Love this – it is rich and honors the Lord!


The Daily Firefly

holding-hands-752878_1280Psalm 92:12-15, ESV

The righteous flourish like the palm tree
    and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
13 They are planted in the house of the Lord;
    they flourish in the courts of our God.
14 They still bear fruit in old age;
    they are ever full of sap and green,
15 to declare that the Lord is upright;
    he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him.

Some of you are in a part of the nation where you perhaps do not see Palm Trees. Palm trees seemingly spring up from nowhere. You don’t even notice them shooting up, but suddenly …. right there on the side yard… is a five foot tall palm. And, another one, and another one. They grow fast. They flourish. The Cedars of Lebanon were huge — majestic, tall, and once, plentiful. They have long been the…

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Thanking God For You

Blessed thoughts and prayer! Thank you, David!

Lifestyle Prayers

have a good night
Just at the apostle Paul was sincerely thankful for Timothy, and His faith in the Lord, so I am thankful for you.

I am thankful that you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ. You have, and continue to recognize your need for Him. He is your strength when you are weak, your peace when you are afraid, your love when fear tries to trap you, and your comfort in the midst of any sorrow.

You are no longer a slave to sin, but a child of righteousness. Your old nature has passed away, and your new nature is found in Jesus Christ. He is your vine, and you are His branch. The fruit of the Holy Spirit lives within, and through you, and the Father gently lifts you up everyday, so that you can even bear more fruit.

You are either His Son, or His daughter, and He is…

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Excellent thoughts, true comfort!


John Flavel


The seas within their bounds the Lord contains:
He also men and devils holds in chains.

It is a wonderful work of God to limit and bound such a vast and furious creature as the sea, which, according to the judgment of many learned men, is higher than the earth; and that it hath a propension to overflow it is evident both from its nature and motion, were it not that the great God had laid His law upon it. And this is a work wherein the Lord glories, and will be admired. “Thou hast set a bound that they may not pass over, that they turn not again to cover the earth.” (Ps. 104:9,11), which it is clear they would…

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